I thank you for the message and I thank our Lord that he has not abandoned us that he has in his way provided for his body to communicate with each other. It is a blessing to receive this word and in an office environment just to sit back and reflect on the message recieved. Yours in Christ and in gratitude for the time and money spent in this ministry.

John H.

I praise God for emanna! I'm from the Philippines and it was my brother, a pastor in Virginia who gave my name to you. It was indeed timely. I've been so busy that I was putting off some of my prayer time and reading the Word. Then your reminder about having set times for prayer during the day (like 3 times a day) rebuked and reminded me of my commitment as a prayer warrior (and a prayer warrior needs to feed himself with God's Word to be an effective prayer warrior). I was so touched by what you fed me that I would make out copies for friends (those who do not have e-mail) every time I receive one. I also decided to visit your archives. God is indeed gracious. I've been so thirsty (I'm a writer and am up to my neck in writing, I'm a little burned out.) and what I encountered in your archive really helped me. It also caused me to renew my commitment of sharing the gospel in the course of my work (I do a lot of interviews and touch base with many people -- in government and in private, mostly people of power and position.). I know God put me in this profession so that He can use me; so that I can have the privilege and the honor of sharing with others about the good news of eternal life...

Vicki J.

I need to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and share with you how God chose to speak to me in this Word today...He has chosen to make clear to me some "feelings" that have perplexed me greatly until I began to receiving this new way of understanding my own heart..."Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift"
Thank you for being obedient to His call and sending forth the Word.

Dick V.

I enjoy your devotionals. Just wondering a few things....Could you please let me know what your basic beliefs are. I'm from a baptist background but I have a really good friend who goes to a Word of Faith church. We have good discussions on doctrine and so forth. I would just like to know where you're coming from!


Thank You so much for bringing me back in touch with God's word...(daily). I have known how important it is to study every day, but I something always came up that would keep me "off track". I am very excited to start recieving this mail, and thank you for contacting me.

Dustin Wells

Hi, thanks for a very inspiring message. I agree that faith and love should always go together hand in hand, and one cannot survive without the other. I do falter at times in my faith in God, but our Lord is all loving, and He always gives us the chance to come back to Him no matter the circumstances that happen in our life, looking forward to growing in God's Word through you.
God Bless,


Words just cannot express how the Holy Spirit uses, how Jesus speaks through, and God blesses me with and through the emanna ministry....I thank you for your messages; they are significantly instrumental in my upbringing in righteousness!

A. Wilder, t. St. Louis, MO.

I never thought as being a wife to Christ. By this He probably means that taking earthly things at hand and not thinking of Him first would be a sin. I am usually so tied up in my everyday things that I leave God on the back burner. It is 'Food For Thought'. Thank you for opening my eyes, Lord! Amen. Christina
Just wanted to thank your for all your emails, they lift me up during the day, and assure me that life is good, and that no matter what happens there will always be light even in times of darkness. Thank you so much!!!!!! Abbey Beloved in Christ, Thanking you very much for providing God's words. Please continue His work. Let us pray together for more strength to spread the gospel.

Varghese G.

Good morning to you all in the Precious Name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. I want to thank you for your diligence in sending each day your message. I really appreciate them and they are spot on for each day. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry as you seek to serve Him more clearly each day, may the Holy Spirit guide you. Once again thank you.
In His Service

Audrey A.

Just want to let you know that I enjoy the daily devotions coming to me through Emanna. Refreshing, thought-provoking and I enjoy. Thank you A good devotional, always, to start the day!

CopyCatETB (Lyn)

This one is better than the last one. I couldn't make sense of the last post about being beside ourselves to God. It didn't seem to come together - for me anyway. Thank you for the work you are doing.
Desiring to serve Him,


I have been so busy, I haven't even stopped to thank you!!! God Bless You All--------What an inspiration this has been, I have passed this to many friends; I hope they are enjoying it as much as I.
Thanks again~~


Just wanted to let you know that I'm really impressed by the depth of insight and spiritual revelation in this news letter. Too much in the church today, milk is being handed around; your letters have a meaty substance, very pleasing. Much of what you're saying agrees with what the Spirit has purposed for my church, I believe for the entire church. But, like I said, so often people just focus on the basics and foundation of the faith instead how the Spirit is moving today, most of the church misses it while trying to be "good" Christians. So I agree when you say that God wants a group who are beside themselves for him, I take this to mean beyond what the basic church is today, more like the early church which was walking on a daily hearing and obeying by the Spirit....
In Him,


AMEN and AMEN!!!!!!!!! I have to admit that I am one of those people who are self-consciousness. I am always trying to decide something, making what I think is a decision and then going back and mulling it over again. I have even read the book "Boundries" by Dr's Townensd and Cloud, and I know in my heart that God is in control. I have been praying lately that He help me to break down the walls inside of me that are restraining me from doing His complete will. This mail that you have sent me has come at a perfect time. Once again, "Thank you". Getting mail like this is so helpful to me. I am going to work tomorrow and let my friends know about this, I don't know if they have AOL or not, but I will find out!! :o) :o)

God Bless!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these daily devotionals. In the few days that I have been receiving them I have really felt blessed by having these lessons. What a joy it is to be able to contemplate a new scripture each day with another's inspired viewpoint on it. I am really grateful.

Peace, G. Young

Dear EManna Ministry: I so like the daily portion of the bread of Heaven that comes via cyberspace. I printed a couple of days portions and gave them to an unsaved friend.

Marietta J. Redman

I got them too. (God bumps!) Wow!!!! No wonder it felt so perfect when I had the experience of being on a date with Creator. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Dear Emanna, Thank you for letting me subscribe to emanna. I am really grateful to have read those heart-warming messages based from the Bible. I would like to ask you some questions that really gets into my mind and into my heart:
1. Who am I?
2. What am I?
3. Where am I?
I hope you could help me with my confusions. Thank you and more power and God bless.

Xeniel Brian

I've heard this language used of the Bible before and I've always thought it was trivialising the Scriptures; but the elucidations you've sent have changed my mind - for the most part. For that I thank you.... Sincerely,

--Joel S.

This is my first one and it was great, I hope next will be as good as the first.
Thanks for you time.

Rev Allan O.

Your program is so great. Everything you in your daily messages backs up what our preacher says. I am a deacon in the Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church, here in Port Orange FL. We practice and preach spirituality, not religion. We believe in the Holy Word of the Bible, God's Word. Your daily messages are right on target!!! Thanks so much!!
Yours in Jesus Christ, Dave S.
I was skeptical at first, but now I'm glad you've made this service available. I look forward to it coming into my email box each day. Keep it up, God bless your labor of love.

R.C. (Mississippi)

Thanks - what a great idea!!! Never thought of prayer-reading the Bible before!
I would just like to say "Thank you". This word came at a time when God has been convicting me of a few things while I am going through a trial period in my life. It is a strong message, one we all should heed. Once again,

"Thank you". :o)

Dear family in Christ, Thank you for e-manna. I really enjoy the messages and appreciate your dedication. Please keep up the good work.
Lente N.

(from South Africa)

Thanks for the encouragement and the confirmation. Aware of the value of the message you sent me , God laid it on my heart three weeks ago to prepare a study with that included and I just shared that message with my fellowship here on campus on Friday.
May his peace reside in your heart.


Dear Sir: Just to let you know this exercise from this mornings devotion was especially used to strengthen the spirit of those meeting at 8 am this morning for prayer at the leadership meeting of the March for Jesus in Spokane, WA. Dan from Yakima, WA who has been prayer- running for his city and I who have in past prayer-jogged at a military base near Spokane now have applied this prayer-reading concept from God's Word which is the sword of the Holy Spirit to go on the offensive for our cities. Praise God. He is faithful and his body is coming together.
For Bridge Linking to make straight smooth paths for our Lord Jesus return,


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate receiving "emanna" and how much it means to me. I look forward everyday to receiving it and, oddly enough, it seems that it is right on point, addressing the various and sundry trials and tribulations I am facing on the day I receive it. It always seems to have been inspired by God and it always seems to be the exact word of God that I need at that particular moment.
God Bless You

Bob M.